Together, We Are Stronger

Hard times can happen to anyone, but this year it feels like they’re happening to everyone we know. Thanks to the far-reaching effects of the coronavirus, many businesses have had to lay off employees. Whether it’s temporary or permanent, help is needed now. If you’re out of work or struggling to make ends meet in any way, here are some resources to help you out.

The Arizona Department of Economic Security is a great place to start. They are the main resource to apply to so that you can get unemployment insurance, which is a temporary source of income for those who lost their jobs when it wasn’t their fault. Normally, you would need to be “actively seeking work”, but they have suspended that requirement during this emergency. They also have a variety of links, phone numbers, and advice you can go through for more help.

African-american woman, freelancer during the work in home office while quarantine

Another major site to go to right away is Arizona Together. Along with links to financial assistance and where you can apply for a job, they have assistance for mortgage and rental eviction. You can also find ways to take care of your food needs, utilities, childcare, mental health, and so much more. Take advantage of these resources for yourself and your family now, so that your lives can be a little more stable.

Arizona Together has links for businesses, volunteers, and donations. You can also go directly to the Arizona Department of Revenue for business, individual, and/or tax relief. They describe different kinds of assistance that could be useful to you. Governor Doug Ducey’s news release also talks about unemployment assistance in a brief, simple-to-understand way.

colleagues applauding to female office worker

While some of these resources are only to help during this COVID-19 emergency, many are good to keep on hand for the future. Having quick access to places you can apply to for help is always nice – back-up plans are never a waste of time. But right now, this information could help you or someone you know to last through the current pandemic issues. No one should have to worry about if they’ll have a place to live or food to eat while trying to keep themselves healthy. If we make the time to take care of each other now, we can all get through this together.

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