Big Picture, Small Details

What is it about those seemingly insignificant details that still manages to get to us? While overall, your house may look fine, there can be areas that throw a wrench in the visuals. Maybe it’s something that everyone comments on, or something only you notice. Either way, it’s frustrating to think of how much fixing up these details can cost, leading you to putting it off. It turns out, you can refresh a lot of areas in your house by yourself, and for a much better price.

Let’s begin with switchplates – what’s the big deal, you ask? While small and often unnoticed by both residents and visitors, replacing the old with a new style can make a difference in the overall feel of your home. Replace plain plastic switchplates with wood, metal, or ceramic for a more visually appealing look. If you have kids’ rooms, there are even cartoon-patterned ones (you might even want a superhero or Disney switchplate for yourself)! Make it fun for the kids to help out by letting them choose their own new switchplates. With every option at your fingertips, your home can be uniquely you. Whether you prefer the little details like light switches and outlets to have a subtle charm or make a dramatic statement, you’re just a click away from a quick, inexpensive way to set your home apart.

Some consider it hard to express your personality through the fixed aspects of your house. If it’s not furniture or wall decor, how can it be fun? Yet choosing a new wallpaper or paint color for the walls can make a world of difference, and show your unique take on decorating. In the kitchen, a gathering place for everyday and special events, fashion the walls with a backsplash that not only looks great, but protects your walls against messy cooking mishaps. Add tiles that have a more interesting pattern or texture than plain old ceramic tiles. If you’re renting, you can stick on decals to add more personalized flair. Don’t limit your home to being boring and neutral, let some character shine through!

Take a look around your house and see what touches can be added to reflect your creativity. Maybe you add stepping stones to your front yard or plant a garden in the back. Organize with shelves in your garage or hooks in your room to be practical yet pretty. Check out our other ideas for inexpensive home projects. Soon your home will feel both comfortable and new again. And as a bonus, you’ll increase the value of your house with these minor updates! Who can resist benefits like that?

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