This Time, It’s Personal

The tale of 2020 will be told for years to come. No one has been left untouched by stress and uncertainty and it seems like every day comes with news so wild, it can’t possibly be true. Yet through it all, we have come together as a community. We will survive to tell the tale. Now? It’s time to take back control and thrive.

In the midst of chaos, a hero rises. That hero… is you. SunWest, like a proper sidekick, is here to offer support. We’re not going to let 2020 crush your dreams. We’re here to reinforce them. With a 7.90% personal loan, you can take control and choose your path. Will you plan your dream staycation? Fund the wedding you’ve been awaiting once COVID is a distant memory? Consolidate your debts so you can focus on your future? You can even complete the home renovations you’ve had to put off for far too long.

Don’t let the stress of the past 12 months build up and knock you down. Your plans have already been paused most of the year. Apply now by going to any SunWest branch, calling our loan-by-phone team, or submitting your forms online. There’s no better way to show 2020 who’s boss than by totally owning the new year. You won’t be pancaked by the setbacks that tried to keep you down: this time, it’s personal.

A loan as flexible as an Olympic gymnast, requiring no collateral that would just slow it down, and with a fixed rate as steady as your resolve? There’s no better tool to assist you in being the architect of your future. Now’s your time to get back on track. Get up, brush that dirt off, and shine like you were meant to. Make 2021 your BEST. YEAR. YET.

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